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Sammy Davies Limited is an Information Technology Solution Provider with the ability to develop practical IT solutions for her clients. Such Solutions are aimed at making her clients more efficient by enhancing their mission process, improving the ability for their personnel to work collaboratively and reducing major operational overheads.

With operations in Lagos, Nigeria and across the shores of Africa, Sammy Davies has maintained her competitive edge by utilizing the skills of her quality and experienced personnel and her superior technical ability has made her unique in the industry. Get the IT advice you need today!
  • Our vision is turning clients’ IT aspiration into reality.
  • Our Mission is putting the clients’ satisfaction first.
  • Our Core Values are innovation, excellence and novelty driven.

IT Solutions

Customized App Development

We develop customized app for your company base on your specification and requirements

Paperless office system

Allows clients to digitally automate all communication and processes with their stakeholders

Lab Management system

This is our laboratory information management system, it is a solution that supports modern Lab operations

Hotel Management System

This software manages the backend of the hotel operations. Important for hotel owners

Our Services


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Close Circuit Television (CCTV) ... Click Here


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Structured Networking

With Certified Network Engineers,we have the expertise to provide full-range of Network infrastructure solutions from small business offices to large enterprise employing the latest technology including LAN, WAN,Fiber Optics wireless radios and VSAT technology.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will one day become the most powerful technology in human history. We therefore position ourselves in researching, training and building a safe advanced AI.


Web Design and Application Development

Web Design is one of our specialties. Portal Design can create an effective Website that satisfies users and meets your organization's business goals and objectives. We understand that information design and usability must drive Web design and the online user experience. We also understand that, to create an effective Web site for your company, we need to build it in cooperation with your company and with feedback from the end users that will be the target market of your company. We will therefore work with you to give your organization a befitting website it deserves.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

We setup virtual private network (VPN) for our clients that have multiple offices at different locations, this enable the offices operate as one single LAN even though they are far apart (in different states or countries). This process will allow the office to enjoy the benefit of running a local area network.


Systems Design, Assembly and Maintenance

We assemble computer systems (hardware and software) according to solution specification with designs from stand- alone PC workstations to fully functional Local Area Networks. We also assess already existing systems and propose upgrades (whenever necessary) for optimal performance.


Voice over IP (VoIP) SETUP

We setup Voice over IP for clients who need to reduce the cost of telephone bills incurred in reaching their branch offices. This setup allows the client to talk to one another via the IP network without any charges. This is good if the head office is situated in a particular location and needs to be reached by another in a remote location on a regular basis via telephone (no extra charges for calls made to the branches and vice versa).



We train clients on a wide range of computing systems from basic computer applications to software development and hardware engineering.


Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

We install and maintain CCTV. CCTV is a security systems device that enables clients to view, monitor and record live pictures and video of the activities going on in their environment. This serves as a vital security measure for homes and offices or corporate Head office. These activities can also be viewed online at any Internet point world wide real-time.


Consultancy & Advisory Services

We develop IT solutions that give you the technological leverage in your business. Our consultancy services also provide packages for setting up ISP’s, intranet and other Internet related services. We can help your company take advantage of Internet of Thing technologies applications to increase your marketing reach and drastically reduce your communication bills.

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